The Shop is now Open!

In addition to ParentPay we’ve now opened The Shop, which makes it easier for parents/carers and staff to purchase smaller one-off items without the need to login to a ParentPay account.

A screenshot of the new ParentPay Shop

The Shop isn’t a replacement for ParentPay, it allows you to purchase smaller one-off items such as performance tickets, locker keys and planners without the need to login.

Parents/carers still need to use their ParentPay account for regular payments for things like school meals, trips etc.

Every ParentPay link on our website now takes you to a page with links to both ParentPay and The Shop, along with descriptions and instructions, so you’ll have everything you need all in one place.

Please follow the link below to visit The Shop and have a look around, and why not purchase a ticket to our Christmas Showcase whilst you’re there!

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