03) How does the school know if students needs extra help with their learning?

The East Manchester Academy values all its students. The Academy firmly believes that each student should be given equality of opportunity to achieve her full potential – spiritually, academically and socially – by recognising the uniqueness of each individual and providing a rich and varied learning experience for all and focusing on achieving the best possible outcomes. Each student, regardless of their ability, is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum offered which is relevant to their educational needs. The curriculum offered should give all students a sense of achievement and thereby help them develop.

We aim to ensure that:

  • Students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) are educated, wherever possible, in an inclusive environment alongside their peers to enable each student to reach their full potential
  • We foster an atmosphere in which SEND students feel valued and can develop a sense of confidence, self-worth and achievement
  • Students with learning difficulties are able to access their entitlement to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum as part of the whole school community
  • We match levels of additional support for learning to the wide variety of individual learning difficulties, while enhancing self-esteem
  • We identify and assess students with SEND as early and as thoroughly as possible using the revised Code of Practice (2014)
  • Parents/carers and students are fully involved in the identification and assessment of SEND, and that we work in close partnership with all agencies concerned, using a multi-agency approach
  • We meet the needs of all students with SEND by offering appropriate and flexible forms of educational provision, by the most efficient use of all available resources
  • We maintain up to date knowledge of current SEND good practice and methodology in order to offer support and training in these areas to all staff in our school
  • We maintain links with other schools to share and develop our practice
  • The school’s provision for SEND is defined as support which is additional to or different from that which is available to all students

The school’s provision for SEND is defined as support which is additional to or different from that which is available to all students.

At The East Manchester Academy, we recognise that students make progress at different rates. Therefore students are identified as having SEND in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Liaison with primary school/previous school
  • The student performing significantly below expected levels for a sustained period of time
  • Concerns raised by parent/carer
  • Concerns raised by teacher through our Inclusion referral system
  • Information from external agencies such as Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and Children, Families and Social Care (CFSC) and Children Services (CS)
  • If a student is identified as having SEND then their name will be added to the SEND register initially under the category ‘K’ so that teachers are aware and can support them but we recognise that students’ needs may change over time and provision must reflect this

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