10) How does the academy know how well my child is doing?

Teachers, as part of their professional standards, monitor and review all students’ outcomes throughout the year. The whole academy system at The East Manchester Academy includes:

  • Regular data collection, from all teachers, showing the current level of attainment of all the students they teach. This means that teachers in each subject area can track the outcomes of students across the academic year and intervene if students experience difficulties
  • In-class additional support is reviewed half termly by the SEND Team. Adjustments to support are made if necessary. TAs and teachers work together on a day-to-day basis, planning and reviewing lessons
  • Teachers are observed by senior leaders and line managers as part of the academy’s performance management system. TAs are also observed through learning walks by the SENCO and Assistant SENCO
  • The deployment of additional adults in the classroom and the outcomes of students with additional learning requirements are part of the Teacher Standards, against which the quality of teaching is measured
  • Mr Birrell, Deputy Headteacher, is responsible for whole academy data and tracking the academy’s progress against national standards. This provides guidance for academic leaders when planning the curriculum and additional support for students
  • At the start of Year 7 students take the Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs). Students are also tested on their reading. This allows us to identify when students may need further support, intervention, or additional assessment to detect any underlying difficulties

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