11) What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being? What is the pastoral, medical and social support available in the Academy?

The East Manchester Academy operates a vertical tutoring system in Years 7 to 11, which means that students are placed with students from every year group for their tutor group. This encourages community cohesion, communication across age groups and opportunities for mentoring and leadership. This system also means that students are able to share their experiences and provide support for students experiencing the same changes and transitions that they have already faced. Form Tutors, Pastoral Managers and Directors of Progress are the main point of contact for parents/carers about their child’s pastoral and social well-being.

We have a SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) teacher for a day a week. We also have counsellors on site throughout the week and a school nurse. We work closely with CAMHS. The SENCO liaises with other teams to arrange referrals to these agencies. Support is also available from the SEND Team for areas of emotional difficulties such as specified social skills; friendships and relationships; anger management; loss and change; self-organisation. Students who struggle with social situations are provided with a choice of quiet spaces to go during lunchtimes, break times and before the academy day, where they are supported by TAs to manage unstructured social time.

If a student is unwell during the school day, then they will contact the Pastoral Managers. If the student is too ill to stay at the academy, their parent/carer will be contacted and asked to make arrangements for collecting them as soon as possible.

In a medical emergency, appropriate emergency procedures will be followed. All students who have severe allergies or other significant health/medical needs are flagged-up to all staff throughout the school year.

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