Miss J. Bowen (Academy Headteacher)

Reach Values

We show respect for all other people and recognise our common humanity.

We ensure all members of our community are treated equitably.

We expect the best from ourselves. We have ambition and will not let ourselves be limited.

We show empathy and kindness to others.

We are prepared to work hard to achieve our dreams.

Welcome to The East Manchester Academy

The East Manchester Academy is a vibrant, diverse school community and it is a pleasure to work alongside our students, staff and families as headteacher.

Across the academy, we have a talented cadre of staff who are passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity and excellence for our students. The academy has a strong vision.

We will equip all students with the skills, abilities, attributes and qualifications to pursue a fulfilling career, contribute positively to their communities and be active, global citizens.
Our Vision

We have a clear passion for our local community and are proud of the rich and varied history of Manchester. We endeavour to make our students feel a strong sense of belonging and a true sense of pride in their community.

Here at TEMA, our work is underpinned by the cooperative values and a shared commitment to teamwork. We have high expectations and high ambitions for all members of our school community. Together, we set ourselves challenging targets and strive to achieve them. Academic study is supported by exceptionally strong links with our strategic partners and our students benefit from a wealth of extended opportunities to grow their skills and realise their potential.

We are part of the Education and Leadership Trust, which is a small multi-academy trust comprised of ourselves and two other Manchester high schools – Whalley Range 11-18 High School and Levenshulme High School.

Thank you for visiting our website, if you wish to visit our academy, please contact our academy reception to make an appointment.

Miss J. Bowen (Academy Headteacher)

Trust Vision and Values

The Education and Leadership Trust is a co-operative academy trust in Manchester, UK, which came into existence in September 2014. We are dedicated to promoting the emotional, physical and social well-being of our diverse and multi-cultural population and aspire to be a centre of excellence for the education of young people.

Mr D. Owen, Interim Executive Headteacher

Any correspondence or communications related to the Education and Leadership Trust should be made to: Mr D. Owen, Whalley Range 11-18 High School, Wilbraham Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8GW


The Trust, through its local and wider partnerships, will work to support all schools in involving parents/carers and other stakeholders and assisting in the development of the next generation of adults who will drive our community forward and enable it to thrive. It will strive to more effectively involve all schools with their communities and vice versa.

  • Alliance Manchester Business School

    Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester University, is the largest Business School in the UK. We are enjoying working together to raise standards and aspirations.

  • Manchester United Foundation

    Manchester United Foundation works with us to raise aspirations and inspire young leaders.


The Trust was founded in 2014 as a cooperative academy trust and the co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity continue to guide our Trust values of Excellence, Leadership and Teamwork:


We have high expectations for all students. We believe that every learner should have the opportunity to achieve to their potential, be innovative and have the skills and knowledge that they need to excel in their chosen careers. We strive to create young people who want to learn throughout their lives and play a full part in life and work in Greater Manchester and beyond. As well as understanding and valuing the heritage and history of Manchester we want our students to be socially active citizens of the UK and the world: leading fulfilling lives as valued members of society.


We are committed to providing an inspiring and challenging curriculum through which students will develop broad knowledge and personal leadership qualities. Staff and students at every level should have the opportunity to take the lead. We aim to empower them to take personal autonomy, and to develop self-control, ownership, contribution, personal growth, pride, self-esteem, and self-identity.


We have a strong belief in and commitment to our Co-operative values. We expect that staff and students in our academies collaborate to attain high outcomes and make accelerated progress. We believe working collaboratively as a community, including students, staff and families is vital to success. We encourage partners to learn from and value each other’s skills and contribution, and work together towards high quality, relevant qualifications, skills and attributes. This is so that students, when they leave, have a sense of ambition and are able to make a positive contribution as 21st century global citizens.


To inspire and nurture young people who:

Learn throughout their lives; play a full part in life and work – guided by Co-operative values; are active citizens of Greater Manchester, the UK and the world; achieve to their potential and lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

Our Academies

Whalley Range 11-18 High School is a large school of over 1600 girls located in the heart of inner city Manchester. Levenshulme High School is a school of 1,000 girls. The East Manchester Academy is a mixed school of 1000 students in the heart of Manchester’s regeneration area in Beswick. They serve some of the most deprived wards in Manchester and embrace and celebrate their cultural diversity.

The schools receive their intake from over 75 primary schools from within and beyond Manchester. Whalley Range 11-18 High School is the only community school in Manchester offering single sex post 16 provision. Over 90% of Sixth Form students are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

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