We are extremely proud of the ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum we offer to all of our students. We are committed to providing students with the best life chances possible, irrespective of their background or starting point. We deliver the most powerful knowledge to our students with the view to their development as global citizens able to make a positive contribution in the communities of the future.

Our REACH Values

Our ambitious curriculum is designed to provide appropriate challenge to all students and grow their intrinsic motivation. Both the ‘TEMA Offer’ and subject provision are underpinned by our REACH values and fully supported by our drive to provide the absolute best for our students. The two strands ensure the academic and personal development of all students.

Our approaches aim to inspire curiosity and creativity through engaging content and inclusive teaching with a focus on developing students as life-long learners. The content is sequentially planned to build upon the prior knowledge and experience of our students.

Key Stage 4 Offer

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to select from a range of National Curriculum disciplines, including EBACC subjects. In addition, we offer BTEC and vocational qualifications. We have a dedicated career’s team that supports students in making their GCSE option choices and this support continues throughout Key Stage 4 to create a clear pathway to post-16 education and employment.



Our curriculum offer seeks to promote a passion for English within all students at TEMA. The love of the subject is nurtured and will build on the vital foundations of reading, writing and speaking and listening that students have already laid at Key Stages 1 and 2.


No one is born knowing maths but no one is born lacking the ability to learn maths.


Our science curriculum is designed to provide a high-quality science education, setting the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

Design and Create

Our Design and Technology curriculum allows pupils to build a substantive and essential body of knowledge across all Design and Technology specialisms to allow them to have a broad understanding of the subject.

Digital Communications

We aim to enable our students to become effective users of technology, and expose them to the wide range of opportunities both locally and nationally for a digitally skilled workforce. We encourage them to establish positive working habits that will support them through school and beyond.


To enable our pupils to appreciate the world around them: its diversity; culture; geography and history. To provide them with the skills required to question and critically evaluate their place in the world.

Modern Foreign Languages

Developing a passion for language, travel and culture; opening up your world to new and exciting opportunities.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts curriculum strives to make every child have an appreciation for the performing arts by inclusion, passion and opportunity. Our curriculum is dedicated to ensuring pupils’ develop socially, emotionally and skillfully in drama through both independent work and ensemble skills.

Physical Education

We aim to give all students the desire and ability to be lifelong participants in physical activity.


Home Learning

As part of our ambitious curriculum offer, we are passionate about embedding high academic expectations of and for pupils. Being prepared and equipped for school each day and completing home learning and independent study are an important part of this. At TEMA, staff are committed to supporting s...

Personal Development Overview

We recognise that the curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational. We recognise that the curriculum is the entirety of learning opportunities offered to students both inside and outside the classroom.

The TEMA Offer 2021/22

At TEMA we believe that the curriculum is the sum total of everything that we hope students learn throughout their time with us.
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