SEND Report (23)

23) How can I find out more information about Manchester’s Local Offer?

Please follow the link: The curriculum offered should give all students a sense of achievement and thereby help them develop confidence and self- esteem. Every teacher is a teacher or every child or young person including those with SEN. At The East Manchester Academy we believe: That all children have a right to a broad and balanced curriculum That all teachers are responsible for meeting children’s individual needs That children with SEN and/or disabilities deserve an enhanced level of resourcing to meet their needs In the inclusion of children with SEN and/or disabilities into mainstream where it is practicably possible to do so In providing support and advice for families of children attending our school with SEN and disabilities In fostering independence and the development of children’s self-esteem That each child should feel equally valued within the academy community and fully integrated in the life of the academy That bilingualism is not a learning difficulty but some bilingual children may have learning difficulties That good practice benefits all children, whatever their level of development Those children with a disability have an equal right to a broad and balanced curriculum Disability is not a learning difficulty, but some disabled children may have learning difficulties

21) How is the decision made about the type and how much support my child will receive?

Our provision is arranged to meet our students’ needs, within the resources available. This approach reflects the fact that different students require different levels of support in order to achieve age expected attainment. The SENCO and Assistant SENCO consult with staff and parents as well as with support staff, to discuss the student’s needs and what support would be appropriate. There are always on-going discussions with parents/carers for any student who requires additional support for their learning.

18) What happens if my child joins mid-year?

All students admitted to the academy after the start of the academic year are screened on entry, to identify any areas of need and to provide information to staff about the student’s learning. This is passed on to the SENCO. You will be able to meet the SENCO or Assistant SENCO on the admission day. A student ‘buddy’ is chosen to support the new student for the first few days of being at The East Manchester Academy. The buddy takes the new student to lessons, introduces them to other students, answers questions and informs pastoral staff how well the new student is settling in to the academy. Contact is always made with the previous school to ensure the transfer of information and the child’s school file.

17) How will the academy support and prepare my child when joining the academy and transferring from a new school?

Our goal is to make sure our new students feel like they belong at The East Manchester Academy before they officially arrive. Learning is most effective when students feel they belong and are comfortable in the school environment. Key Stage 2-3 Transition (Year 6 to Year 7): Through the school’s transition programme, careful transition is planned and arranged. The SENCO, and Assistant SENCO and Transition Lead work closely with primary schools to organise activities, visits and experience of secondary life for those students who are especially vulnerable at transition All students in Year 6 who have accepted a place at The East Manchester Academy for Year 7 are invited to intake days in July. These days provide a taste of academy life, involve experience of lessons, information about how the academy runs and provide an opportunity for students to meet their new classmates. Students with SEND are invited to have further transition days to ensure that they feel comfortable in their new environment The SENCO, Assistant SENCO and/or Transition Lead visits primary schools to meet students, gather information from Year 6 teachers and support staff and to offer informal ‘question and answer’ sessions for parents/carers Academy teachers are provided with information about all new students’ needs and given strategies to support them Students meet their Form Tutor, Pastoral Managers and Head of House on the first day in Year 7. Staff from the Inclusion Team are also present Information from the primary school on any SEND is passed on to relevant staff, as necessary During the first two weeks of the new school year, parents/carers of new Year 7 students receive a phone call from their child’s Form Tutor to introduce themselves, share information and establish contact with the school Key Stage 3-4 Transition (Year 9 to Year 10): For […]

16) How accessible is the academy environment?

The academy is on one site. All levels have lift access. The site has recently been adapted so that all areas can be reached via permanent ramps, meaning that the ground floors of all buildings are accessible for wheelchair users or those with impaired mobility. The site has disabled toilets on each floor. There is one car park on site. The car park has parking bays for disabled badge holders, marked clearly in yellow paint.

15) How will my child be included with activities outside the classroom, including trips?

All students are entitled to be included in all parts of the academy curriculum and we aim for all students to be included on academy trips. We will provide the necessary support to ensure that this is successful. A risk assessment is carried out prior to any off-site activity to ensure everyone’s health and safety will not be compromised. This may include specialist advice from the SENCO where relevant. In the unlikely event that it is considered unsafe for a student to take part in an activity, then alternative activities which will cover the same curriculum areas will be provided in academy.

14) What SEND training have the staff had or are currently having?

All staff have had training in line with the SEN Code of Practice 2014. There is an on-going rolling programme of professional development for our staff, throughout the school year. The SENCO and Assistant SENCO have a wide range of experience and provide staff with training and updates Staff are regularly trained on the needs of new students joining the school SEN training forms part of the continuing professional development of all teachers and TAs and is organised in accordance with the needs of the students The school works closely with other local schools and the Specialist Outreach Services to develop our own knowledge and expertise The EP and SpLD teacher and Visual Impairment team will be offering training sessions for staff across the school
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