Home Learning

As part of our ambitious curriculum offer, we are passionate about embedding high academic expectations of and for pupils. Being prepared and equipped for school each day and completing home learning and independent study are an important part of this. At TEMA, staff are committed to supporting students in their development of positive routines and study habits. Furthermore, we understand that students deserve to be shown ‘how’ to reach our academic expectations.

Home learning and independent study are an important part of a young person’s development. Each week students will receive a home learning booklet to complete.

Students should work through the activities in this booklet to take responsibility for their learning and to demonstrate our values of ‘Ambition’ and ‘Hard Work’. If there are any questions or a need for support, students should speak to the relevant subject teacher before the due date (form time each Friday). We do offer home learning support on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the iHive, 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm.

Why we Assign Home Learning

We know that independent work is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school.
Students should be reminded that their completion of our home learning and their use of knowledge organisers will:

  • Reinforce what has been learned in lessons
  • Further develop their vocabulary and reading skills
  • Demonstrate our values of ambition and hard work
  • Increase the knowledge they can remember

Each student receives a weekly workpack that is then completed and submitted to their tutor every Friday. Students will have the opportunity to revise key concepts, powerful language and ideas and apply their learning. Knowledge retrieval from these activities and reading academic texts will also form part of lessons in school.

Home learning workpacks should be used alongside knowledge organisers which are provided each term to all students for every subject. The knowledge organisers contain the most powerful knowledge and language that students need to learn for the topics studied. Teachers actively refer to the knowledge organisers and show students how to use them during lessons and form time so they can be used to encourage independence and strengthen learning.

Parents’/Carers’ Support for Home Learning

GCSEPod: Top tips to support your child outside of the classroom

Parents/carers play an important role in making home learning a positive experience for their children. Where possible we ask that parents/carers support the academy in making home learning a top priority. If parents/carers can provide a quiet environment, a clear routine and the necessary supplies this would be very much appreciated. An important part of home learning is offering support, praise and encouragement.

In addition to the home learning packs, we provide termly knowledge organisers and a range of online tools that can be used for revision and/ or to test your child’s understanding. GCSE Pod is a really useful app. Click here for instructions on how to access.

Finally, private reading remains important for all progress and academic success. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible – fact or fiction, books, magazines, newspapers etc.

Reading a range of fiction and/ or non-fiction will help your child in many ways including:

  • Develops their vocabulary
  • Increases their general knowledge
  • Helps them to make sense of new knowledge
  • Develops their understanding of other cultures
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Improves memory
  • Enhances their imagination
  • Reduces stress

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