Academy Uniform

The official Academy Uniform must be worn by all students at all times, without exception.
  • Black shoes – no trainers of any type
  • No jewellery – zero tolerance
  • No earrings (male or female) or piercings
  • Wrist watches only
  • Subtle makeup, no nail varnish, no fake eyelashes or false nails
  • Coats and scarfs off before the door. No coats and scarfs inside
  • Black trousers or a skirt of school uniform style. Leggings, jeans-type leggings and jogging-type trousers are not permitted. Skirts must be of an appropriate length (maximum 2” above the knee and 4” below the knee)
  • No loaning of ties – replacement ties cost £5
  • Lockers available to use (£1 deposit for keys)

Students should never have mobile telephones in the Academy building or outside areas as this negatively impacts on learning. This rule also applies to music listening devices and portable electronic games. Any student in breach of the above rules will have their mobile telephone, device or headphones confiscated with immediate effect and this will only be returned through collection from Student Services at 15.30.

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