Students meet Ole Gunnar Solskjær during an MUFoundation development programme session. Photo Credit: MUFoundation

Lockdown Art Competition 2020 - 1st place - Hafsa (Year 10)

Year 10 students visit the University of Cambridge in 2020

Student ambassadors during a careers business lunch with AECOM in 2019

Students taking part in team building exercises during a Super Learning Day in 2019

The TEMA Offer 2020/21

At TEMA we believe that the curriculum is the sum total of everything that we hope students learn throughout their time with us.

The curriculum goes beyond that which is learned within a classroom and should include the opportunity to access a wide range of activities including the arts, culture and sport. We aim to build students’ cultural capital through systematic and planned exposure to enrichment activities. We use a definition of culture which celebrates and embraces the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of all of our students.

We recognise that access to and participation in extra-curricular activities is an important part of building students’ soft skills and consequently an important building block in the foundations of social mobility. We have taken on board the recommendations of the Social Mobility Commission in having a designated co-ordinator of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. We acknowledge the evidence presented in the report that our students may have less access to opportunities than their peers and aim to actively bridge that participation gap. Furthermore, we recognise that access to learning outside of the traditional curriculum can be particularly supportive for students who are disengaged from school or dealing with trauma. We use detailed and objective knowledge of our students’ histories to plan and implement supportive interventions.

We will equip all students with the skills, abilities, attributes and qualifications to pursue a fulfilling career, contribute positively to their communities and be active, global citizens.

The TEMA offer encompasses the additional curriculum that is offered to students throughout their time at the academy. In order to ensure an equity of offer and full participation for all students some enrichment elements are compulsory for all students, these are the TEMA offer.

Given the current context in ensuring compliance with COVID-19 guidance, these activities will be reviewed and risk assessed for feasibility at the planned time of delivery.


All students in KS3 have one timetabled lesson of enrichment per week. This is to ensure an equity of offer so that all students benefit from extra-curricular activities. Students take part in a taster session of a variety of activities before deciding on their enrichment elective for the rest of the year.

Year 7 Gardening (Mr Lane) Choir (Mr Limb) Football (Miss Turley) Football (Mr Gorey) Trampolining (Miss Stanworth) Young Reporters (Miss Henry)
Year 8 Debate Mate (Ms Arnell) Choir (Mr Limb) Portuguese (My Eyers) Boxing (Mr Hamilton) Young Reporters (Mr Hosty) French (Mr Hoyle)
Year 9 Debate Mate (Ms Arnell) Football (Mr Gorey) Portuguese (My Eyers) French (Mr Hoyle) Football (Miss Turley) Trampolining (Miss Stansworth)

Faculty specific extra curricular timetables can be found on The TEMA Offer 2020/21.

Supporting Vulnerable Students

Research shows that participation in extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities can be particularly beneficial for those students at risk of disengagement from mainstream education, particularly those who have experienced significant trauma. Interventions are planned using detailed knowledge of students’ histories and with the aim of building confidence and positive relationships. Positive relationships and social experiences are known protective factors in helping young people to develop resilience .
Interventions will be ongoing and will at times need to be planned individually for students. In the case of Looked After Children, access to enrichment and extra-curricular activities will be considered as part of their Personal Education Plan.

Promoting Excellence

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities play a key role in social mobility. Even when students have achieved excellence academically, a perceived lack of soft skills and a discomfort in being in elite environments can mean that young people from lower social economic backgrounds often experience a significant wage gap in comparison to their more affluent peers later in life . In order to successfully navigate elite environments, students need access to the specific cultural knowledge and codes of these environments. Where people from lower socio-economic backgrounds do manage to break into elite professions and institutions, this is often where they have had a mentor who can provide guidance and education on the unwritten knowledge and skills which are needed to succeed . We aim to start this process of mentoring early so that our students are comfortable in navigating elite spaces as they move into higher education and beyond.

Community Partnerships

We aim to make TEMA the heart of our local community, not a self-contained community in isolation. We recognise that collaboration with our community partners is essential. We aim to be the conduit through which our students can access facilities, services and education outside of the school building and the school day. We reach out to the knowledge and expertise of our community partners to support us in our vision for personal development.

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