Our curriculum offer seeks to promote a passion for English within all students at TEMA. The love of the subject is nurtured and will build on the vital foundations of reading, writing and speaking and listening that students have already laid at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Head of Faculty

Mrs R. Moules (r.moules@temac.co.uk)

Subject Hours per Week (KS3) Hours per Week (KS4) Exam Specification
English 4 Year 10: 4
Year 11: 5
AQA English Literature (8700)
AQA English Language (8702)

It is our goal to promote and engender these skills in all our students in order to promote high standards, high achievement and a commitment to being the best that they can be. We want our students to be equipped with the skills they need and to be ambitious in their goals.

We want our students to be not only risk-takers but resourceful and tenacious students who rise to a challenge and can be imaginative and resilient in their approach to new learning. We want our students to be interesting as well as interested and to be enthusiastic discoverers of new learning. We want our students to be brave and motivated to be the best that they can be and to be able to thrive as individuals and develop their own independence. We will promote this vision through the learning culture that we will instil within our students through their experiences within the classroom and beyond.

We will provide a curriculum that is broad and varied and accessible to all learners and which takes into account the individuality of our students. We will achieve this through our dedication to embracing new ideas and ensuring that our curriculum and teaching styles are constantly developed and honed.

We will seek to instil in students an expectation of achieving beyond expectations through the challenge built into lessons and the feedback given to students. We will ensure that we model high quality analysis of texts and will share our love of English both within and beyond the classroom by having an open discussion about contextual factors affecting topics of novels, plays and poems. We will provide opportunities for educational trips to explore different interpretations of texts studied. We will encourage wider reading and enter national and local competitions to raise aspirations and introduce challenge and a sense of achievement for our learners.

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