Modern Foreign Languages

Our aim in MFL is to develop a passion for language, travel and culture; opening up our students’ worlds to new and exciting opportunities.

Head of Faculty

Mr C Coe (

The East Manchester Academy’s Spanish curriculum is designed to be relevant and based around 12 key communicative functions. We want students to see the purpose and the value of using Spanish in their worlds and as a result we engineer opportunities for students to communicate in real life scenarios, showing them how they could use Spanish in their own lives. Our aim is to encourage students to become confident in speaking in Spanish using the method of enhanced processing and input flooding.

Essentially, students will spend time in Year 7 learning how to describe themselves, their families and friends, what they do in their free time and their school in the present tense, using opinions and reasons effectively. They will then master the past preterit tense in Year 8; learning to talk about their city, an experience in a restaurant and holidays. Finally, in Year 9 they will become confident in three tenses (past, present and future time frames), being able to talk about healthy living, diet and bad habits, work and future aspirations, the rights of a child and global societal issues.

By Key Stage 4 students will have a solid foundation of content and vocabulary and a wide understanding of grammatical structures and how to apply them in new scenarios. They will be confident in all four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, having had equal exposure to all four skills throughout their studies. In Key Stage 4, students will develop a wider bank of knowledge and skills in preparation for GCSE examinations.

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