Modern Foreign Languages

Developing a passion for language, travel and culture; opening up your world to new and exciting opportunities.

Curriculum Overview

  • Year 7 – 2 periods per week
  • Year 8 – 2 periods per week
  • Year 9 – 3 periods per week
  • Year 10 – 3 periods per week
  • Year 11 – 3 periods per week

Options offered at the end of Year 9:

  • GCSE Spanish (Edexcel)

Topics covered:

Year 7

  • My life! (where I live and what I am like)
  • My free time
  • My school
  • My family and friends
  • All about my city
  • Age appropriate film study

Year 8

  • My holidays
  • All about my life
  • Food and restaurant talk
  • What shall we do? [Free time in more detail]
  • Operation Summer! (Describing a holiday home and what you can do whilst there)
  • Film Study: Valentín

Year 9

A taster of Spanish GCSE. Students will get a taste of GCSE Spanish leading up to their options.

  • The way I am! (describing the way you are!)
  • Jobs: Describing a day in the life of…
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Young people in action: poverty, charity and culture
  • An adventure to Madrid: describing an exchange trip to Madrid
  • Film Study: Voces inocentes

During year nine students will have the option to continue to study Spanish to GCSE level and will follow the (9-1) Edexcel GCSE Specification.

Support Literature:

Year 10

  • Relax! All about local area, holidays and travel
  • My school life: moving to a Spanish school and comparing the differences
  • My people: describing people, social networks, making plans and relationships
  • Interests and influences: free time, music, sport and people that inspire you
  • Cities: describing what you can do in your city, a shopping trip and the problems in your town
  • Customs and Culture: mealtimes, Spanish cuisine, ordering in a restaurant and exploring a Spanish music festival

Year 11

  • The world of work
  • Making the world a better place: environmental issues, problems and solutions
  • Exam preparation

Exam: Students are examined in all 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing weighted equally at 25% each. Following (9-1) Edexcel Specification.

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