Month: July 2017 (25)

Social Science

Our vision is to aim to have highly motivated learners who will enjoy and achieve within a positive, purposeful and secure learning environment, developing a genuine enthusiasm for the Social Sciences. Through a range of inclusive, exciting and innovative learning opportunities, learners will become effective communicators, analytical thinkers and good global citizens, developing the necessary transferable skills to be fully prepared for the world of work.

Design and Create

The Design and Create Faculty aims to prepare students for our ever changing and fast paced society. We want to prepare students with skills needed to succeed: creative thinking, problem solving and resilience.


No one is born knowing maths but no one is born lacking the ability to learn maths.

Modern Foreign Languages

Developing a passion for language, travel and culture; opening up your world to new and exciting opportunities.

Physical Education

The curriculum area of Physical Education aims to give all students the desire and ability to be lifelong participants in physical activity. Innovative and exciting lessons will create informed and enthused students who will possess the motor skills, physical fitness and understanding of concepts that foster healthy lifestyles. Leadership and autonomy will be promoted, as will competition with due consideration for fair play and sportsmanship.


Homework is an important part of a young person’s development and will be set regularly. Sometimes homework will be the completion of work set online.
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Careers Advice

At our Academy students are offered comprehensive advice and a wide range of opportunities to develop their awareness about future careers. We want all of our pupils to aim high and reach their full potential.


To enable our pupils to appreciate the world around them: its diversity; culture; geography and history. To provide them with the skills required to question and critically evaluate their place in the world.

Digital Communications

The faculty aims to give pupils a clear focus on the understanding of how a computer works. This knowledge allows them to gain a deeper understanding of how systems work. There is a strong emphasis on the pupils using different programming languages to produce their own outcomes, this we believe allows pupils to become fully autonomous with their learning and provides a clear opportunity for creative freedom. Studying this prepares the pupils with the knowledge and skills that they will need for study in Key Stage 4.
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