A Moment in Time – Poetry Winners!

Published: 18/05/2020

Thanks for all of the wonderful poems entered in to our ‘A Moment in Time’ poetry competition for students. And here are the winners!

Ms Bowen and Miss Moules really enjoyed reading them and it was so difficult to pick just one winner, therefore, we have decided on three winners! Congratulations to all of you, these are absolutely fantastic and will eventually be displayed in our reception area for all to see.

1st Place – Winner of £30 voucher – Sama in Year 9

The World Takes It’s First Breath
Cars are zooming by,
A million miles per hour,
that’s what it feels like,
Yet the silence from the lockdown
always replays in my mind.
It’s a low hum in my ear,
Six feet apart,
But you could always feel their fear,
About the thought of them being next,
Better yet,
If it was someone they loved
to take the test,
The test that determined if they could live
or had to be put to rest.

But friends were only a phone call away,
And distant family on the line made our day,
In the face of a deadly pandemic
we all came together to clap,
For the big, friendly home
that helped us with our colds,
That mended our soul,
That helped us when we were under the weather.
Hands placed together,
We praised them in the safety of our own home,
They sacrificed their lives
so we could live our own,
And despite the virus’s efforts to keep us apart,
Virtually, spiritually –
we were all together,
Hand in hand,
Rainbows lighting the path of discovery,
And with that, we had a newfound discovery,
That us as a society can never be dragged down,
Even in the face of dark, gloomy periods,
We came together,
And honoured the lives taken in this battle,
Whether they were sacrificial,
Or those who couldn’t cope with the absence of being able to go outside,
We remember you,
And we value you.

The year is two thousand
and twenty one,
And the world has took it’s first breath,
Standing alongside a busy road,
It’s far too easy to forget,
Everyone who helped us get
to where we were supposed to get,
The strength we all had
Putting up with this, it was so bad,
But now children from generations down the line,
Will never forget the key workers
who slaved away on the front lines,
Will never forget the hope sent out
from doors that were closed.

Inside or outside,
We won this war,
And it will be engraved within history books,
It’ll be a real page-turner,
We will remember the lives lost,
And forever have our hearts be that little bit warmer,
We will never forget the severity of lockdown,
And the strength of society,
Quarantine was a whole-hearted experience,
Which will spark anxiety,
But will humble us,
And remind us,
That we as a world,
Hold so much capacity.

2nd Place – Winner of £10 voucher – Olivia in Year 10 and Ronnie in Year 9

When mums became teachers,👩‍🏫
And dads stayed at home.🤴
When children had a lie in,🛌
And we realised how much they had grown.👁

When our roads became almost empty 🚙
And the skies were blue and clear, 🏙
Each and everyone of us preyed for those so dear.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💏👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍🦳👩‍🦳

When hugs were not allowed,😪
And touching hands was a big no.🤝
We reached out to one another, 🖐
In different ways to say hello.🤘

The world kept on spinning, 🌍
Infact it became a better place!🗺
Where it matter not the religion nor the colour of your face.⛪🕌🧕👳‍♂️

People started talking,🗣
Understanding each other more!👥
And it didnt matter filthy rich,👑💍💎
Or sadly broke and poor.🍞🍲

If there is one thing a virus once taught me, 🎟
It is that we are all just the same 🥰
A killer without prejudice,☠
Who ever is to blame.💔

3rd Place – Winner of £10 voucher – Aba in Year 11

When the world fell down,
Our future was a lonely ending.
We thought it was the end, but it was the beginning.

Our lives came crashing down
Into a hole of loneliness and deep sorrow,
With no hope for tomorrow.
Held prisoners in our own homes,
Away from the outside and blue skies.

When the world fell down,
Everything came to a stop.
It all started to change and
It somehow felt strange.
Many lives were lost,
We could not meet our friends.
The hope of travelling,
Only a fantasy in our heads.

This is just a moment in time
And it will come to pass
Yes we may have lost a lot,
A lot of important people
But there is always life
After storm…

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