Students outside Whitworth Art Gallery in October 2022

Students attending a lecture for Black History Month at Whitworth Art Gallery, October 2022

Students Celebrate Black History Month at Whitworth Art Gallery ( Published: 19/10/2022)

Students from Year 9, 10 and 11 visited Whitworth Art Gallery on 10th October 2022, where they attended a lecture from David Olusoga and got a taste of the ‘big thinking’ behind university academics.

During the visit to Whitworth Art Gallery, students heard from historian, writer, filmmaker, and presenter David Olusoga. Olusoga discussed the legacy of imperialism in Britain and the important ways that black people have shaped the history and culture of Britain for centuries.

Students participated in a Q&A to ask Olusoga about the importance of black history in schools and society. Topics discussed included the legacy of imperialism in Britain and the importance of recognising and celebrating black history all year round.

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