Students at The Baby Show in 2024, hosted at the Manchester Exhibition Centre

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The Baby Show at Manchester Exhibition Centre ( Published: 07/06/2024)

Our Year 10 Child Development class recently had an unforgettable experience at The Baby Show, held at the Manchester Exhibition Centre.

This trip provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to delve deeper into the world of childcare, complementing their theoretical knowledge from the classroom with real-life experiences.

The Baby Show offered a vibrant marketplace of stalls brimming with childcare products and services. Students were actively engaged as they explored the vast array of offerings, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and equipment available in the childcare industry.

Furthermore, the class actively participated in informative presentations on crucial topics such as first aid for babies and newborns. These sessions equipped them with essential skills and knowledge that could prove invaluable in real-world situations.

But the learning didn’t stop there! The Baby Show also featured presentations on the importance of establishing healthy bedtime routines for newborns and the significance of proper antenatal care. By attending these sessions, the students gained a well-rounded understanding of the crucial factors that contribute to a baby’s well-being, both before and after birth.

In addition to the presentations, the students also conducted their own research throughout the day. They delved into the importance of nutrition for babies and the impact of establishing healthy dietary habits from the very beginning. This research will undoubtedly prove beneficial as they continue their studies in Child Development.

The Baby Show proved to be an invaluable learning experience for our Year 10 students. It not only broadened their knowledge of childcare, but also provided them with a practical understanding of the various aspects involved in caring for a newborn. This trip will undoubtedly serve as a significant enrichment to their GCSE studies, equipping them with a deeper understanding of Child Development.

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